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Auction Stain glass jello bars EASY site. Stained Glass Jello: Stained glass Jell-O is a fun, festive treat for holidays and parties. Choose colors to represent the theme! Colourful and delicious, this jello dessert is a bit time consuming to make but very appealing to the eye. * * Please READ THE DESCRIPTION BOX for important recipe information omitted in the video, click on show more***.

Stain glass jello bars EASY Note: Make sure that the white gelatin is not warm. It will melt the cubes and stain the white gelatin. Such a fun, and festive, and versatile idea, you will love this Stained Glass Jello recipe! You organize steeping melt Stain glass jello bars EASY accepting 5 method as well as 3 than. Here you go carry out.

ingredients of Stain glass jello bars EASY

  1. use 4-3 oz of boxes jello any flavors you like.
  2. use 4 cups of boiling water divided into cups (you’ll need only one cup of water per flavor of jello).
  3. a little 1-14 oz of can sweetened condensed milk *NOT EVAPORATED MILK.
  4. also 2 cups of boiling water.
  5. This 2-.25 oz of envelopes unflavored gelatin mix.

Have you ever made a poke cake with jello? Get creative with these stained glass JELL-O bars! A simple video shows you how to turn colorful JELL-O Gelatin cubes into a broken glass JELL-O dessert. Pour milk mixture over cubes; stir to evenly distribute gelatin cubes.

Stain glass jello bars EASY singly

  1. Prepare all 4 boxes of your flavored jello and put into four separate dishes and place in fridge for 4 hours or until set firm. Cut into cubes of various sizes..
  2. Places all cubes into a 13x9 baking dish that has been lightly sprayed with PAM or any similar cooking spray..
  3. Mix both envelopes of unflavored gelatin with two cups of boiling water and stir in condensed milk. Allow to cool 10 minutes and pour over the cubes. Place in fridge for 4 hours or until set firm. Slice into bars. Keep in the fridge until ready to eat!.

Broken Glass Jello aka Stained Glass Jello, is simply colourful jello cubes immersed in a condensed milk jello. And then the whole thing is chilled in the fridge, until it's all set and ready But How Do You Make Jello Cubes? Jello cubes are so easy to make. You can use as many flavours of jello you want. Stained Glass Jello recipe: My grandmother would make this for holidays, I think it reminded her of a catholic church windows.