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Avoid Matoke(raw banana)crisps #snacks#themechallange overstock. A staple savoury dish of Uganda is this dish of green bananas cooked with a handful of spices, heaps of garlic and plenty of salty butter. Learn how to prepare matoke, a variety of banana indigenous to southwest Uganda. Cooked and mashed matoke is the nation's official food dish.

Matoke(raw banana)crisps #snacks#themechallange You can also have with chapatis. Raw banana fry is an easy side dish that tastes delicious with rice. Learn to make spicy raw banana fry with step by step pictures. You operate browning steam Matoke(raw banana)crisps #snacks#themechallange using 3 instructions together with 3 moreover. Here you are carry out.

process of Matoke(raw banana)crisps #snacks#themechallange

  1. give 1 bunch of Matoke.
  2. You need of Oil for deep frying.
  3. then of Salt water to add while frying.

Raw banana fry recipe made in Andhra style - One of the easiest and delicious raw banana recipes. Raw banana or plantain is used as a vegetable in south India for. the raw banana fry recipe is simple and easy to prepare, yet some tips and suggestions while frying it. firstly, the raw banana can be sliced into any shapes as desired. in this recipe i have sliced it to cylindrical shape but can also be shaped to cubes or slices as per your preference. also make to slice. Raw bananas are small to medium in size and are elongated, cylindrical, and slightly curved in shape. The peels are thick, smooth, and green with a fibrous texture and semi-bitter flavor, and the surface can easily be scratched and marked.

Matoke(raw banana)crisps #snacks#themechallange technique

  1. Wash and peel all the Matoke,,, after peeling wash again and keep it in the water.
  2. Heat enough oil in to frying pan,,, with the help of the grater slice raw banana direct into hot oil (2 at a time),,, wait for 10 seconds now 1 Tbsp of salt water into oil and fry until crispy.
  3. Prepare all bananas same way, and keep it in air tight container, and enjoy when craving something crispy, salty snacks in between meals. You can sprinkle black paper or red chili powder and squeeze some lemon on it for more spicy and zesty..

The white to cream-colored flesh is dense, firm, and creamy with. Matoke/Green Bananas - Fauzia's Kitchen Fun. Peel and chop the bananas, then put them in a pan and add some water…just enough to cover the matoke. Add some salt, ½ tsp. chilli powder, coriander, chopped chilli, ½ tsp. turmeric. Cover and boil until soft and easy to mash.