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Achieve Stir-fried Lettuce with Egg review. Stir-fried lettuce is refreshing, quick, easy to make, and goes with just about any dish you can think of in my opinion. BREAK the eggs into a large bowl. ADD the water and half the green onions and WHISK until well combined.

Stir-fried Lettuce with Egg Apart from this easy stir-fry lettuce dish, in Cantonese cuisine there is a dish that is very popular called Stir-fried lettuce with Oyster Sauce. Some people also call it "Lettuce with Oyster Sauce" and in Chinese it's translated to "蠔油生菜". Whatever you call it, it's an extremely delicious dish. You accomplish browning imbue Stir-fried Lettuce with Egg proving 4 program along with 3 and. Here is how you carry out.

program of Stir-fried Lettuce with Egg

  1. also 1/2 of small head of lettuce (140 g).
  2. also 2 of eggs.
  3. Prepare 2 tsp of oil.
  4. use 1 pinch of salt and pepper.

Try different lettuce varieties, I used romane tonight since its what was on hand. I also didn't have sesamee oil tonight so I used walnut oil and it was still a winner. I like to toss in some toasted sesame seeds and if I have them on hand a green onion, chopped, is nice to add with the lettuce. Lettuce is commonly eaten raw as a salad.

Stir-fried Lettuce with Egg one at a time

  1. Ear the lettuce into bite sized pieces..
  2. Heat the oil in a frying pan and fry the egg. Once half cooked, stir in the lettuce, and add salt and pepper..
  3. Possible Pairing Bread, lettuce & egg stir-fry, soy milk banana drink Preparation for the night before Tear off the lettuce, or use commercially available cut lettuce. You can also use cabbage, green peppers, or frozen vegetables. You can also put in tuna with umami flavor, "chikuwa" (grilled fish paste) and so on. 112 kcal per serving.

However, if you ever want to cook it, try this simple and quick stir-fry lettuce recipe with oyster sauce and. I know… it sounds weird, most of us are put-off when the lettuce goes all wilty in a sandwich, but when the right kind of lettuce is quickly sauteed over high heat it makes a delicious vegetable side dish. It retains its crisp texture and the greens become almost fluorescent in color. I also love to eat the Stir-Fried Chicken filling straight out of the bowl with a little brown rice on the side, which makes for a simple leftover lunch as well. Add mushrooms, scallions and sprouts and fry until all vegetables are crisp-tender.